Master Soulmate Readings

Open your heart to love and joy | taught by Ingie Brathen

Course description

Learn how to give yourself a Soulmate tarot reading and Learn to manifest from a place of pure love.

In this course, you will learn the tools to give yourself a tarot reading.  You will also learn tools to heal from past relationships, events, situations, and past hurt. You will also be taken on a journey to connect to the Creator of all. 

In this course you will learn: 

  • How to connect to the Creator of all to supercharge your manifestations.
  • Advice on Soulmate readings.
  • Basic tarot card meanings.
  • How to Spot a Love Fraud in the tarot cards (a must watch)
  • Soul Healing and Soul fragments retrieval. 
  • The 6 blocks in manifesting love.
  • How to identify if you have any blocks in manifesting your 'Highest and best, most compatible, divine soulmate'. 
  • How to release the blocks with ease.
  • How to create a Soulmate manifestation list. 
  • Predict who is your Highest and Best, Most Compatible, Divine Soulmate. In this unit you will give yourself a soulmate reading. 
  • Soulmate Meditation: Connect with the consciousness of your soulmate through a guided meditation.
  • What is the best thing I can do now tarot spread.
  • After care: We will do two more powerful prayers that will help you in your manifestations; a grounding command, and a self-love command. 

The Tarot Will Tell When a Soulmate is Near. 

In this time and age, more Soulmates are coming together than ever before. Find out if your Soulmate is near.

Ingie Brathen
Ingie Brathen
Course Instructor

I have read the tarot for over 20 years and I am also an Artist. I began blogging about Tarot in 2014 and created TarotIngie, an online tarot tutorial site I am truly proud of. My background is in Thetahealing and I am currently learning Qigong healing and meditation. To give me feedback or if you have any inquiries, you can send me a message here:

Course Curriculum

How to Avoid the Love Fraud
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How to Get ready to Manifest your Soulmate; Creating a list.
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Soulmate Meditation.
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Soulmate Manifestation Spread, Keeping your Manifestations Alive.
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After Care
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