Course Description

Disclaimer! When you take this course you understand that Tarot is an artform and it takes time to develop your own style and intuitive connection. Therefore Tarot is classed as Entertainiment only. Only people over 18 years of age can take this course and you are fully responsible for your own actions. If you are under the age of 18, please refrain from taking any of my courses. 

The Arrows Tarot Course Design

This course will show you how to read tarot card combinations by teaching you 'The Arrows' tarot technique!


Tarot is about finding answers, and 'The Arrows' is designed to give you answers quickly and accurately. 

This course also teaches how you can develop a personal relationship with each card in the deck.

Course Instructor

Ingie Brathen

After 19 years of loving the Tarot, I am now sharing my most valuable Tarot reading tool: Tarot card meanings and Tarot combinations. I teach how to read tarot with ease. I love working with tarot as a profession, and also as a tool for self-development. I can never get tired of tarot. Tarot is like a friend to me. It is an Oracle that always listens and if you listen back; will help you understand how you can change your life for the better. The tarot will be there for you every step of the way! I will teach you how you can have a personal relationship with each and every card, and let the Tarot become your Great Teacher!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction (with Video, Pdf-download, Text, and Audio)

  • 2

    Tarot Card Meanings (video tutorials and pdf- downloads)

    • Major Arcana Tarot card meanings part 1

    • Major Arcana Tarot card meanings part 2

    • Major Arcana Tarot Cards Meanings

    • Tarot Card Meanings suit of wands

    • Minor Arcana suit of wands

    • Tarot Card Meanings suit of cups

    • Tarot Card Meanings suit of cups

    • Tarot card meanings suit of pentacles

    • Tarot Card Meanings suit of pentacles

    • Tarot Card Meanings suit of swords

    • Tarot Card Meanings suit of swords

    • Tarot Practice: Ask an Ancestor, Angel, and Creator of all.

    • How to develop a personal relationship with the Tarot cards.

  • 3

    Tarot and Numerology (video tutorial, text and pdf-download)

    • Tarot And Numerology

    • Tarot and Numerology

    • Tarot and Numerology

    • Advanced Tarot and Numerology

    • Advanced Tarot and Numerology

    • Advanced Tarot and Numerology

  • 4

    Tarot Elements (with video tutorial and pdf-download)

    • How to Read with Elemental Dignities to Predict Yes/No, Soon/Late type Questions

    • How to Read Tarot Using Elemental Dignities

    • Elemental Dignities

  • 5

    Master Tarot Combinations: 'The Arrows' method explained in detail. (Video tutorials and pdf-download)

    • Welcome to the Heart of 'The Arrows' (with Video)

    • Tarot Distribution

    • Tarot Distribution Chapter 1.

    • How tarot cards communicate chapter 2 (The Most Important Video)

    • Major Arcana tarot communications chapter 3

    • Court cards tarot communications chapter 4

    • Many Kings tarot communications chapter 5

    • Many Queens tarot communication chapter 6

    • Many Knights tarot communication chapter 7

    • Many Pages tarot communication chapter 8

    • Many Pentacles tarot communication chapter 9

    • Many Cups tarot communication chapter 10

    • Many Wands tarot communication chapter 11

    • Many Swords tarot communication chapter 12

    • Tarot card combination work sheet

    • Arrows of the Celtic Cross PDF download

    • How to interpret different Arrows in the layout (with Video)

    • Finding blocks to love using the Arrows

    • How to have more abundance

    • Bonus Material: How to identify a SoulMate in the Tarot cards (with video).

  • 6

    Tarot Spreads (with Videos and pdf-downloads)

    • Zodiac Wheel

    • Zodiac Wheel

    • Six months spread

    • 6 months spread

    • Soulmate reading

    • The Soul Mate Spread

  • 7

    Manifest with the Tarot (with video and pdf-download)

    • The Road

    • How to Play the Road.

    • How to Play the Road Video Demonstration

  • 8

    Tarot Practice Advanced, The Escalator meditation (audio)

    • 'Meet a tarot card', psychic exercise meditation.

  • 9

    Psychic development with Tarot (audio)

    • Same card, different people and different situations - exercise

  • 10

    Tarot card combinations with the Arrows.

    • Examples of reading tarot card combinations created by the Arrows (Video tutorial)

  • 11


    • Remove your money block with the help of Tarot

    • How to find and remove your money block with the help of Tarot