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Tarot Courses all skill levels.

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Master Tarot Combinations (do not purchase this course if you are a student of the full Arrows course

Interpret any tarot card combination with ease.

Ingie Brathen

Discover and Connect with your Eternal Soulmate with the help of Tarot

The Tarot will tell you when a Soulmate is near. In this course you will link up with your soulmate before you even meet. You will learn how to predict in detail who and where your soulmate is. You will learn how to manifest your soulmate with ease.

Ingie Brathen

Master the Tarot card meanings

Learn to Master individual card meanings, upright and reversed, and learn to Master tarot card combinations.

Ingie Brathen

The Fool's Journey: How to read with the Major Arcana tarot cards

Learn the Meanings of all 22 Major Arcana tarot cards, and the situations they describe. See how the Tarot can be a spiritual tool and process.

Ingie Brathen
$8.99 / month

Tarot Course Bundle (subscription based)

Master Tarot Meanings Course + Arrows Tarot Course + Tarot and Soulmate Course in one BIG Bundle of Tarot Goodies for $ 8.99 a month. Cancel any time. Resubscribe any time.

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How to set up Your Own Niche Market Website Business

In this Course, You will learn to set up a Wordpress website from scratch using a cpanel (hosting is required). You will learn to install themes and plugins, set up E-commerce, activate SSL, GDPR compliance, Affiliated marketing, SEO, and MORE.