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Ingie Brathen

Master Tarot Combinations (do not purchase this course if you are a student of the full Arrows course

Interpret any tarot card combination with ease.

Ingie Brathen

Master Soulmate Readings

Learn how to do a soulmate reading. I will teach what I know about soulmate readings, including soulmate manifestations. You will learn card meanings, a soulmate spread, supporting spreads + much more.

Ingie Brathen

Master the Tarot card meanings

Learn to Master individual card meanings, upright and reversed, and learn to Master tarot card combinations.

Ingie Brathen

The Fool's Journey: How to read with the Major Arcana tarot cards

Learn the Meanings of all 22 Major Arcana tarot cards, and the situations they describe. See how the Tarot can be a spiritual tool and process.

Ingie Brathen
$8.99 / month

Tarot Course Bundle (subscription based)

Master Tarot Meanings Course + Arrows Tarot Course + Tarot and Soulmate Course in one BIG Bundle of Tarot Goodies for $ 8.99 a month. Cancel any time. Resubscribe any time.

Ingie Brathen

How to set up Your Own Niche Market Website Business

In this Course, You will learn to set up a Wordpress website from scratch using a cpanel (hosting is required). You will learn to install themes and plugins, set up E-commerce, activate SSL, GDPR compliance, Affiliated marketing, SEO, and MORE.